I am a strategist, innovator, animist, and artist.

Currently, I help individuals and businesses harness their potential to express their purpose through art, service, activism, business, brand creation, innovation, and embodiment.

Leveraging years of experience in marketing, strategy, and creative direction, I own a creative agency and a consultancy that integrate brand and business building with conscious creation.

In pursuit of personal development and knowledge, I have immersed myself in the realms of Ancestral Healing and Animism under the mentorship of Daniel Foor, exploring collective trauma healing with Luis Mojica, deepening my understanding of compassion through contemplation using Gene Keys by Richard Rudd, and expanding my lens of perception via Integral Theory through the teachings of Kim Barta and Terry O’Fallon.

I am committed to elevating my own consciousness and fostering a healthier world, both through nurturing the environment and cultivating meaningful relationships.

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